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We built the custom boats from 1998 at own boatyard in St.Petersburg and from 2005 at subcontractor boatyards in Netherlands and Poland.

We used the various materials for building of our boats: wood core composite, aluminium alloy and foam sandwich with vacuum infusion.

The designs of boats were prepared based on our own concepts by professional designers: Nikolay Kazarov, Jarek Kanios, Olivier van Meer, Gabriel Heyman and Teixido&Harrold.

If you have grown up from the level of production mainstream boats, we can offer the development of the concept and design of a new yacht as per client's requirements and the newbuilding at the professional shipyard in Europe.

Most important thing in the process of custom yacht building  is the understanding between the client and contractor, the repeat customers just confirm that we are on the right way.

For more information and realisation of your dream yacht, do not hesitate to contact with us.


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Soler-35 Fast Cruiser (2015)
LB-74 Acico (2011)
M64 ATOA Expedition (2009)
Alaska-31 Explorer (2007)
MT-37 Nordic Duck (2006)
Morozov-50 Meta (2004)
Morozov-30 Meduza (2004)
KS-18 Novik (2002)
Dolfin-28 (1933-2003)
Scat-27 (2002)
Navigator-112 (2001)
Navigator-111 (2000)
MOT-31 Pelican (1998)
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