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Heyman 42 PPH 10.jpg


Length on deck




Sail area



Fresh water




Category CE

Naval architect


13.52 m

12.66 m

11.83 m

4.30 m

1.44-3.00 m

89 m2

11400  kilos approx

3000 kilos

400 l

240 l

Volvo-Penta 75  h.p.

2-6 persons

"A" Ocean

Heyman Yacht Design

Ridas Yachts


This new 42’ yacht is the first of its kind. There are other yachts which may be slightly reminiscent, at least in theory. But in basic concept, in function and in character there is no other like her.

Still, one of the most important goals of the design is to make a competent cruising yacht with excellent performance, eager to cover distances. A nimble yacht with distinct handling, using well-established, durable technology.

This yacht offers a level of comfort matched by few, if any, boats under 55 ft. Living on board the PPH will be easy and relaxed like no other sailboat. There are three basic differences:

The main living space on board, from the stern platform through the cockpit, the main cabin, into the galley and office or the lower saloon, flow together into one huge space.
Measured somewhat conservatively, this area is all of 22 square metres.
Add to this the two staterooms and a big bathroom and the overall feeling is that of a beach house – just as much as a yacht.

For a 42’ cruising yacht, the PPH has more elbow room than most. This is because she has fewer cabins, and a different layout altogether. Every part feels generous. You will never feel confined “down below”, between bulkheads, or under deck.

Safe and easy:
Getting on board from a tender or floating dock is made easy, using a few innovations.
Arriving in your dinghy, you can step onboard the folded transom, walk through the cockpit and into the galley with one grocery bag in each hand. There are no ladders or deep staircases anywhere.

The PPH is conceived for two people living on board in comfort, like a studio on the waterfront or a small summer house.
In addition, there is space also for friends staying overnight – or longer – or for children or grandchildren on vacation.

In sports car terms, she is a 2 + 2:
A boat with ample room for kids or guests – without any real compromise. But, first of all, built for two people, with a level of comfort you will not find in any other yacht of her size.

Under sail, the cockpit of the PPH works like in most other modern sailboats of 40-50 ft. and upwards.

There are subtle differences, as you might expect. It offers a somewhat better protection against weather and wind than most. The forward part is meant for rest, reading or just enjoying the sail. The seats forward are 2 m long, each with a drop-leaf table, one on each side.

Still, this is not just a cockpit for sailing. At anchor, on a mooring or by the dock the cockpit needs to offer a different kind of comfort.

For the morning swim or kids play, fold out the stern platform and the pool ladder. The platform extends the cockpit floor, at the same level, and the combined area is huge by any account, at 3 metres wide and 4 metres long – 12 square metres.

But it does not end there. This is the area where you will spend much of your time on board and the cockpit in the PPH is designed to do so much more… this cockpit might be described as something of a front porch, where you will be able to move around and find your favourite spot, at any time of the day.

It is all up to you if you want to sit in the sun, to read your book out of the wind or enjoy a coffee in the shadow.

You can gather in the evening with friends, and the vast floor space offers room for a few folding deck chairs around the table.

With a bimini in place, you can keep the heat out, or be protected from a shower. The cockpit will adapt to the conditions in an almost magic way:

Given the basic idea behind the PPH, she is the perfect yacht for living on board also during early or late season. The pilot house side and forward windows are double glazed to protect against cold weather and to prevent condensation. For sailing in wintertime, a heating system will keep the yacht interior warm and dry.

Both hull and deck are built using a Divinycell core and, apart from supreme strength and stiffness, will ensure perfect insulation. Not only against the winter cold, but also against the summer heat.

For hot climates, a bimini is advised, together with sun shades for windows and hatches. AC is offered as an option.

The boat will be build at professional boatyard  Ridas Yachts in Estonia, sale price with good specification 483.000 Euro +VAT, delivery time about 12 month. For more information, brochure and specification, please contact Alexander Morozov:

info@morozov-yachts.com +34 647 464 226 (WhatsApp, Telegram)

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